Haiphong is a land made famous in ancient history when exploring female General Le Chan Page An established record here, and associated with the name of defense Customs frequency.

The period of independence of Vietnam feudal dynasties, this area is famous for the victory on the Bach Dang River: Battle of Bach Dang, 938 Ngo Quyen, Tran Bach Dang, 981 Le Hoan, Tran Bach Dang , 1288 by Tran Hung Dao. By the Later Le dynasty (Le preliminary stages), this region is located in Hai Duong origin (domain is the easternmost coast of this country).

Go to the Mac because it is home to the Mac should be noted the construction of the capital Monday called the diameter. Then, from the Le Trung Hung Nguyen region to belong to the town of Hai Duong and Hai Duong province later (1831). Năm 1870 – 1873, Bui Vien, the recommendation of the Company to King Tu Duc Doan Khue power, has made the construction of a harbor called the river Cam Ninh Hai and a coastal defense base in consecutive next door, known as Hai Phong nha porcelain.

When France beat the First Northern War in 1873-1874, the Nguyen Giap Tuat to sign a peace treaty, which stipulates that the Nguyen to open trade ports of Ninh Hai (Hai Phong) province of Hai Duong Thi Nai province Binh Dinh, in exchange for French withdrawal from Tonkin. Then at the port of Ninh Hai, the Nguyen dynasty and French tax authorities set up a joint services, manage the trade in the port area is called the Hai Duong primary injury prevention. Thus, the origin sites can range from Hai Phong: Name shorten the term frequency Hai defense, General Le Chan’s first female first century.

First name shortened from the name of a German army on land Hai Duong Hai Duong primary business of defense Hai Phong name may derive from the firm of porcelain or dental Haiphong Haiphong by Bui Vien station set up in 1870 death of Tu Duc, the grounds are as follows: “A harbor on the River Cam before was called Hai Phong called Ninh Hai, Ninh Hai sites used officially in the papers, our history from before called Haiphong until the name of Hai Phong would.”

In 1887, the French province of Hai Phong to establish separate neighborhoods from the port of Hai Ninh Hai Duong province. By 1888, exactly a month 7/1888- named Hai Phong city, the province made in Kien An and Hai Phong city of Hai Phong.

By Kien An Province in 1962, then entered the city of Hai Phong.