Quy Nhon is well known for its beautiful surroundings, Cham temples, and long white and beaches. The city is an ideal place for those who want to break up a journey between Nha Trang and Hoi An.

Quy Nhon is a coastal city, with updated or set to open resorts, and attracts intrepid visitors and holiday makers as one of the region’s newest beach destinations. Tourism is becoming a key industry thanks to Quy Nhon’s ideal weather conditions, long coastline, large and small islands, many beautiful beaches, scenic spots and historical relics.

The topography of Quy Nhon varies, as the area has mountains, plains, coastal dunes and islands. Its climate has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season is from March to December and the rainy season lasts from October to February. The average annual temperature is about 24.5 C.