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Northwest Vietnam is known as an attractive destination for those who want to explore the the unspoiled beauty of the mountainous landscape, the famous historical monument as well as the character of the life of the ethnic groups in this place. You can ride on a motorcycle tour to take in the breathtaking views and conquer the high mountain passes. Let’s do this Motorbike Adventure Tour with us, we sure that you will have unforgettable memories during the trip.

Tour Plan

Our guide will pick you up at your hotel about 8 a.m to go to our store to get the bike(s). We will leave Hanoi on dyke roads to avoid the heavy traffic and breaking out of the delta plains and we take a drive westward to Mai Chau. Mai Chau is a mountainous region located in Hòa Bình Province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi and 65 km from Hòa Bình town. This idyllic valley is embraced by emerald mountains and clouds, making it an retreat centre in North Vietnam. Mai Chau is a region that have a diverse culture with 7 Ethnic Minority groups. ‘White Thai’, ‘H’Mong’, ’Zao’, ’Muong’, ’Tay’, ’Hoa’, and ‘Viet’. Overnight in stilt houses is a perfect choice for the trip. The Mai Châu area is well known for its stilt houses. The type of stilt houses, or pile dwellings, they construct are called Thai stilt houses and are made of bamboo and timber. These houses are elevated 10–12 feet off the ground in order to avoid water damage and shelter animals from the elements. Summary: Distance: 150 km Accommodation: Homestay
After having a good day with beautiful and peaceful Mai Chau Village, we head to Road 6 and turn to ride along Black River to Phu Yen Town (in Son La Province) The Black River originated in Yunnan province of China. From China, the river’s course passes through the Vietnamese provinces of Lai Châu (where it forms part of the border with Điện Biên Province), Sơn La and Hòa Bình. The Black River is the most important tributary of the Red River, which it joins in Tam Nông District near Việt Trì inPhú Thọ Province. We can visit two large hydroelectric plants on the Black River. The Hòa Bình Dam was completed in 1994. The Sơn La Dam was completed in 2012 and became the largest hydroelectric producer in Southeast Asia. Construction of the Lai Châu Dam in the Mường Tè District of Lai Châu Province was started on January 5, 2011.[7][8]The total installed power capacity of these three dams is 5520 megawatts Summary: Distance: 150 km Accommodation: Hotel
The next roads lead you to MuCang Chai, its charms that are hidden in the scenic rice fields and thin blankets of fog at the beginning of the winter. The popular attraction of Mu Cang Chai lies in its terraced rice fields which are primarily situated in the district’s Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan and De ZuPhinh villages. We can take pictures of and indulge ourselves in the amazing beauty of the national heritage site. For the place being about 1000 meters above sea level, it offers one of the most beautiful views of North Vietnam. These terraced fields lying among rugged green mountain valleys, under clear blue sky or a mysterious and crips fog, bring to eyes an imposing scenery. During harvesting season, ready crops transitioned to yellow, while new crops still remain in their green color. The scenery is a big attraction to photographer and trekkers. Overnight in a beautiful homestay. Summary: Distance: 150 km Accommodation: Homestay
4th journey will begin with departure to Sapa. Sapa is exactly a mountainous area of Northwest Vietnam. The whole Sapa District is dominated by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range which is at the Eastern extremity of the Himalayas, being famous with the Vietnam’s highest mountain of Fa si pan at a height of 3,142 m above sea level. The town of Sa Pa lies at an altitude of about 1,600 m, bringing in a cool and foggy site of Sa Pa. Sapa is famous for its special cultural diversity in a combination of ethnic minority groups’ culture. You will have opportunities to discover the unique customs of the local residents. Local markets are the town’s typically cultural element, which are always crowded and joyful, attracting hundreds of visitors. This is the common place for minority groups to gather and exchange goods. Market sessions are also a chance for local people to promenade. What is more, tourists coming to Sapa at weekends have the great chance to learn about local ethnic people’s courtship and martial life, through the Sapa love market and wife kidnapping ceremony of the H’Mong group. The ceremony will begin on April 29th. Summary: Distance: 160km Accommodation: Hotel
In the morning, we keep motorbiking toward Bac Ha. Being a minority ethnic people market, the town of Bac Ha is famous for its Sunday market which is a trading centre and meeting place for couples, friends, and relatives every Sunday. Some walk several hours for the weekly opportunity to trade and barter food, animals, clothes and household goods. Bac Ha Market is not only the place for buying and selling, but also a place for cultural and sentiment exchanging. Many different ethnic groups such as Flower H’mong, Phu La, Black Dao, Tay and Nung minorities gather to buy and sell local products that cannot be found elsewhere. The market was very crowded, local products for sale or barter are carried on horseback. You will have chance to try the pungent fumes of alcohol accosted your senses of smell, from corn whiskey, a Bac Ha specialty. The potent moonshine is decanted by vendors from large white plastic jugs to used bottled water containers. If you doubt the ability of a vendor’s hooch to peel paint or light your senses on fire, you can try a shot for free. Summary: Distance:80kms Accommodation: Hotel
After breakfast, we will continue our journey to Ha Giang. About 350km to the north of Hanoi, Ha Giang town is located in a valley four mountains be surrounded mountains and the Lo river bending in its flow. Ha Giang is a land with the natural majestic landscapes, the sharpness of long-standing living tradition of the hill tribe people that many tourists have not known. About 40 km up north is Quan Ba district, a mountainous region with cool climate year-round. Continue the journey, visitors can stop at La Sung valley, where the beauty here is difficult to be matched, the valley offers a magic appearance of rocky mountain and green forests. In Dong Van, visitors are immersed in the mountains and the colours of hill tribes in every step. Dong Van district lies at the height 1100m, of which there is Lung Cu peak at the height 1600m to 1800m compared to sea level, this is an extreme north, is the rooftops of Vietnam. Away from Dong Van 12km, under a small beautiful valley beautiful, low-ventilated under the Green samu trees is of mansion of Wang Chi Sinh (are regarded as the Mong King who dispense the entire plateau area Dong Van – Meo Vac). An area mansion in the mid of green forest with the Chinese original architecture. From Dong Van to Meo Vac one has to overcome peak Ma Pi Leng. On beautiful days Ma Pi Leng pass seems to collect all the beauty of nature, with the windy hill sides, the eyes spread to horizon. Nho Que river as a small thread in the beautiful valley. Coming to Ha Giang, everybody wants to visit Khau Vai love market, only for those who fail their love to come and see their old lovers. They come together and then again return to the family when sunset falls. Summary: Distance: Accommodation: Homestay. Hotel
Located over 1,000 meters above sea level, Dong Van Stone Plateau is formed by narrow valleys alternating with rocky mountain ranges in the north of Vietnam. The plateau is a must-see destination for tourists in the northeastern province of Ha Giang. The plateau was recognized by UNESCO in October 2010 as one of just 77 geological parks in the world and second in Southeast Asia The park spreads over the districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba, on a total area of 2,300 square kilometers. At the center of the Rock Plateau is Dong Van Town, located 150 kilometers from the center of Ha Giang Province. Dong Van snapped to life at dawn, seeming much as it probably did on a late-spring morning in the 18th century. Hmong women wearing vivid pink and green headdresses filed down from their hilltop abodes carrying heavy bamboo baskets of corn and vegetables to the town market, where miners in black Mandarin-collared shirts slurped noodle soup from tin bowls. Traders hustled tobacco, tea and homemade ginseng tonic. Farmers steered water buffalo around the market’s edge. Summary: Distance: Accommodation: Homestay. Hotel
After breakfast, we will depart to visit Ban Gioc waterfall – an attractive beauty spot for national and international visitors. The waterfall on the Quy Xuan River is located in Cao Bang Province, nears the Sino-Vietnamese border. The waterfall falls thirty meters. It is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heardkilometers away from Trung Khanh. Ban Doc Waterfall is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District. The Quay Son River rises from China flowing into our country in Po Peo (Ngoc Khe Commune) and to communes including Dinh Phong and Chi Vien. When it reaches Dam Thuy Commune of Trung Khanh District, the mild river circles around Co Muong mountain bottom and flows to rice fields of Dam Thuy towards the large maize alluvial plain of Ban Gioc village. Here, the flow divides into many branches and lowers its flow to creat Ban Gioc Waterfall. Water from Quy Xuan River falling down on the stone creates water droplets columns that can be seen from a distance. The temperature near the waterfall is remarkably cool, due to the water mist in the air. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river, as calm as glass, surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers. Ban Gioc Fall is famous for a famous fish named “tram huong”. In the early 1920s, French people started building cottages on the river banks. They would come here to relax, fish for “tram huong”, and hunt deer. The sight in Ban Gioc Waterfall bears a poetic, fresh, quiet beauty of water, forest and cloud area mixed with village atmosphere of mountainous ethnic minorities. Summary: Distance: Accommodation: Homestay. Hotel
Quang Uyen is a district of Cao Bang province, in which the tradition is appreciate maintained. The commune is known for the village where stories followed by stories – Phuc Sen Village. Whilst the Tay are the principal ethnicity in this part of the country, the Phuc Sen valley, a sugar-growing region located between 26 and 37 kilometres from Cao Bang, offers an opportunity to encounter a branch of the Nung family known as the Nung An. Thanh Minh Festival is held in Phuc Sen commune, Quang Uyen district in the 3rd lunar month. The festival connects closely to legend of Nung ethnic group. The legend said that there were two lovers but they couldn’t get married so that they killed themselves in a well. To feel pity for them, villagers set up the temple. When festival is held, villagers come to temple to pray for good harvest and good luck for lovers. Fireworks Festival is held on 2nd of the 2nd lunar month in Quang Uyen district. This festival is considered as the merriest festival in Cao Bang, drawing men’s attention from local areas to fight for fireworks in order to have good luck round. It is a sound competition with sportsmanship. As this is spring fireworks festival, everybody thinks if anyone can catch the round will has good luck, good health during the whole year Summary: Distance: Accommodation: Homestay. Hotel
In the morning, we keep riding motorbike to Ba Be. Ba Be national Park is a popular Vietnam’s natural complex mainly consisting of Ba Be Lake, the supposed largest natural fresh water lake in Vietnam. The 150-m altitude makes it the Vietnam’s highest lake above sea level. Ba Be National Park is a reserve in Bac Kan Province, northeast Vietnam, whose role is to protect a freshwater lake (Ba Be Lake) along with surrounding limestone and lowland evergreen forests. It is located about 240 kilometers northwest of the capital city – Hanoi.Ba Be means “Three Lakes”, however, all of them converge into a single continuous body of water. The lake is 8 kilometers long in total, about 400 meters wide, and has the deepest point of 35 meters. It is covered with many limestone mountain chains which have numerous caves and underground streams. You will feel healthy with the cool and fresh climate when coming to Ao Tien – a small lake on the top of the mountain. This lake is filled with clear water which seeps through the surrounding limestone rock. The primary for the name Ao Tien (the lake of fairy) is based on a legend that the fairies always go down in this place to swim and play chess. Summary: Distance: Accommodation: Homestay. Hotel
After breakfast, we will depart back to Ha Noi. You can stop in the middle of the way to take a rest and have lunch, then proceed to Ha Noi. We should be back to Hanoi before rush-hour (4 pm) because traffic’s getting busier and busier. Summary: Distance: 240km

Hotel Lists


  • Private pick-up and drop off service
  • Honda XR 125 Motorbike
  • Helmet
  • Gasoline on tour
  • Mechanic (only for group from 6 passengers)
  • English speaking guide
  • Shared accommodation in twin/double room with daily breakfast
  • Home-stay permission
  • Additional meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • Admission fees and permits
  • Drinking water
  • International flights
  • Visa fee and visa stamp fee
  • International departure tax
  • Travel insurance
  • Pre and post accommodation in Hanoi
  • Personal expenses such as shopping; telephone, laundry and bar bills etc.
  • Peak season surcharge if any
  • Compulsory Gala dinner on X-Mas & New Year if any
  • Vietnam visa stamp fee (US$ 45 & 02 passport photos per person)
  • Other services not mentioned above.

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